What is Bisexuality?

"Bisexuality" is sexual/affectional attraction to members of all sexes. As with all sexuality, we may speak in terms of a person's potential, identity, feelings and sexual expression. "A bisexual" is a person for whom bisexuality is an important part of their experience or identity. "Bisexual" as an adjective may refer to either.

Myths and Misconceptions

As a group, bisexual people are diverse, not fitting a single "type." As such, many of the common images people have of bisexuality are sweeping generalizations which are often mutually contradictory. Others are just blatantly false. Here is a categorized list of some myths and adiscussion of the realities of bisexuality.

Bisexuality Does Not Exist

Everyone is bisexual.Nobody is bisexual Or Bisexuality is not a valid sexual identity. Bisexuals are.confused.haven't come out yet.are sitting on the fence. Bisexuals are denying that they are. really heterosexual.really homosexual. It is true that for some people exploring their sexual identity, "bisexual" is a temporary label. However, many people have a deep, lasting sense of themselves as bisexuals. Bisexuals are not "mixed up" gays or straights, or simply "half and half". Others who are uncomfortable with the idea of bisexuality should not confuse their feelings with ours!

The Only True Bisexuals are People Equally Attracted to All Sexes Bisexuals differ in the relative weight they put on their feelings towards a given sex. Also, some say they get the same things from relationships with any sex, while others say the nature of their feelings differ.

Bisexuals Cannot Have Good Relationships

Bisexuals.are "promiscuous".have many sexual partners.will have sex with anyone.can't form stable relationships. Bisexual people can feel significant sexual attraction or affection for members of all sexes. This doesn't mean we must have sex with more than one person at the same time. Various bisexuals practice celibacy, life-time monogamy, serial monogamy, "open" relationships, poly-fidelity and "one-night stands." (As do lesbians, gay men, and heterosexuals.) The relative merits of these kinds of relationships are a distinct question from bisexuality. Various values, such as trust and stability, can be embodied in more than one model of relationship. Some of these stereotypes may arise because bisexuals in a long-term relationships are "invisible" unless they make a deliberate point of "coming out" as bisexual.

Bisexuals Cause AIDS

Bisexuals are spreading AIDS.to the heterosexual population. to the lesbian community. Unsafe sexual practices and needle sharing - behavior, not a "risk group" - that spread AIDS. People who are self-aware and educated about AIDS pose no special risk.

Name Calling

Bisexuals.have no moral values. are immature.are unreliable.are cop-outs politically.

Crossing the Lines: Bisexuality as a Threat

Some people in both the heterosexual and the homosexual communities see the blurring of boundaries as a threat. Conventionally, "we" (heterosexuals) are normal people and "they" (homosexuals, etc) are sexual deviants with no middle ground. Heterosexism is a major force for polarizing society, and heterosexuals often feel safe because they think of homosexuals as being completely different from themselves. Gay men or lesbians may have put a lot of effort into establishing an identity or community, or may be distancing themselves from past unpleasant heterosexual experiences. Bisexuality does not fit with separatism. Bisexuality seems to weaken the political argument that gay men and lesbians "don't have a choice". People may see bisexuality as calling their own sexuality into question.

Bisexuals are Strange, Exotic People

While it is not true that everyone is bisexual, there is no sharp dividing line in sexual (or other) behavior between self-identified bisexuals and the gay/lesbian or straight communities. People with similar sexual histories identify differently. Human sexuality is complex and multi-dimensional. Let us respect eeach other's choices and not put people into "boxes".


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